An assessor will conduct assessments of canine handler teams (dog and handler) to evaluate their level of knowledge and skill.

These assessments will be written and practical tests, covering all aspects of a working detection dog, including its environment and care.

All dogs must use a passive manner to indicate the presence of the target species. ie: sit/stare, stand/stare or drop/stare. Any other method of indication will not be accepted, unless the assessor is provided with written advice from a client stating they require an alternative method.

Each handler and dog team will be assessed on the scent or scents that they designate. If a dog has more than one scent, then the team will be assessed on each scent.

If a new scent has been added to the dog when the team gets reassessed in the new accreditation period, the team will be assessed for the previous scent (if needed) and the new scent.

1. Assessment Application Process
Handlers can make application to the Council for assessments via the form on the right or by contacting us to request it to be emailed or posted to you.
Full details of the process of the assessment will be provided at the time application is indicated. It will include the guidelines for testing for the nominated target odour, guidelines for re-sitting after fail, terms of accreditation, and cost.

2. Pre Assessment
The application will require the following information:
a) Level/duration of experience of both the handler and the dog
b) An overview of their fitness
c) Description of the dog and age
d) Outline of any previous detection work

3. Evaluation
a) Guidelines for testing
b) Guidelines for re-sitting after fail
c) Cost
d) Provisioning of compliance certificate



To schedule an assessment with your dog, please complete the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss the suitable time and location for your assessment.