We will ensure ethical and professional standards are maintained whilst providing a benchmark for any Government department, organisation or business requiring a scent detection dog.

Conservation detection dogs is a fast growing industry and an area that has not yet been documented by legislation or policy.  We can therefore provide information to organisations by way of:

Accreditation Status
You will be able to check the current status of the accreditation of a handler or team to enable verification of their training and areas of expertise prior to engagement.

Information Processes
Government Departments and organisations are invited to consult with us to obtain assistance to enable further understanding of our standard operating procedures and assessment processes prior to them engaging a detection dog team. In addition we welcome input to help ensure the Council meets the demands of the marketplace.

Unique or Specific Requirements
We are available to discuss with and advise Government Departments when unique and specific requirements are necessary for engaging a detection team.

Best Practices
We suggest the best practices for organisations utilising canine conservation teams is to use Canine Council accredited handlers. This will provide confidence knowing the canine team has undergone extensive training and assessment in detection canine handling and therefore provide assurity for a high probability of a successful outcome and workplace health and safety matters.

We also alert suggest discussions with each handler regarding baiting programs that may have been done in the area where the detection work is to be done.