Our Objective

The main objective of the Canine Detection Certification is to develop standardised procedures, establish criteria and procedures for conservation detection dogs in Australia, which are intended to provide guidance for a minimum standard, with regard to the user of detection dogs.

We will ensure ethical and professional standards are maintained by scent detection dog handlers and teams, and will provide a benchmark for any Government department or private organisation requiring a scent detection dog.

The Standard Operating Procedures are to be adapted by any scent detection handler and organisation that engages a conservation detection dog team.

The framework will create uniformity, the ability to maintain standards, regulation and control whilst protecting the interests of the government departments, private organisations, handlers and the dogs.

By setting this framework and standard operating procedures, all parties can be assured that the detection team has been tested and certified competent and is able to maintain specific procedures for the ethical standards of the team including health and welfare.

We will maintain a national register of accredited canine detection operators.