What We Do?

Together with our members, we set Standard Operating Procedures and level of standards for all detection dogs and conducts assessments and ongoing accreditation.

Organisations and handlers will benefit by:

  • High levels of confidence in the specified detection program for the target scent
  • Cost effective productive outputs for the activities undertaken by detector dog teams
  • Demonstrated detection sensitivity, accuracy and dog safety through regular quality assurance and validation measures on both dogs and handlers.
  • Regular and documented dog training and maintenance during tasked work.
  • Regular and routine health checks and health care requirements completed.
  • Maintain safety of threatened species and detection dogs in accordance with animal ethics committee approvals.
  • Continually review and develop protocols to maintain the program at the leading edge of conservation dog odour detection.


National database of registered handlers

Accredited handlers are listed on a national database that is made available to Government departments and organisations wishing to engage a detection dog team or handler. Names and numbers of licensed handler teams will be available to Government Departments and Organisations for verification purposes only.